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Powered Keylogger 2.3

Records all keystrokes and invisibly monitors all users on your PC

Powered Keylogger is highly professional yet very easy-to-use security surveillance software for big and small companies, network administrators, concerned parents and PC owners. It is a great keylogger software that gives managers the ability to trace the employees' work and parents to check kids' computer exploitation as it monitors all computer activity, Internet usage, keystrokes, passwords (including Windows Logon Password and saved passwords which were never typed), files operations, usernames, online conversations (ICQ, MSN, AIM), and takes screenshots at set intervals just like a surveillance camera directly point at the computer monitor.

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The heart of Powered Keylogger is a high-performance Windows 2000/XP driver which runs silently and invisibly at the lowest level of Windows 2000/XP operating system. Nobody will be able to find out if keyboard logger is installed in your computer as its folders are hidden from all users in your system. Program modules of this keylogger are hidden, as well as the logs are unrevealed by anyone but Powered Keylogger itself. Sure thing, this keylogger software will not be visible in Tasks or Processes List, among installed programs, in Start menu (unless you prefer a visible installation), it will not show up in registry or Add/Remove Programs utility.

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enlargeClick to see the full size imageMonitors Internet activity, websites and web-pages visited
Monitors Internet activity, websites and web-pages visited

Unique user-friendly unhiding approach

Powered Keylogger features a unique method of hiding/unhiding the logs viewer, which is a configuration utility at the same time. The so-called "secret word" approach is unique Eltima's invention and offers a brand-new method to reveal and conceal the keylogger. During installation you choose a secret word which you will use to unhide Powered Keylogger. It can be any word or sentence, or any sequence of characters working as a password. To unhide the keystroke logger just type this secret word anywhere: in any application or even on your desktop! As secret sequence is unknown to anybody, you can be perfectly sure that nobody will type it by error, as you are the only one who decides what this secret word should be. Your password is unique, known only to you, so you can be absolutely positive that nobody will locate or unhide Powered Keylogger.

When keyboard logger is unhidden, you can view the logs in a flexible internal logs viewer. You can easily search through all the stored records and with built-in slide-show viewer go through recorded snapshots. Full-screen view will let you feel as if you were present in front of your PC all the time.

Convenient to use with any character set

Powered Keylogger is security keylogger software that fully supports the Unicode. Unlike many other keyloggers and spy utilities, Powered Keylogger easily recognizes non-standard or 2-byte encodings. Support of Unicode guarantees that absolutely all keystrokes will be visible no matter in what language they were typed. Keyboard logger will capture keys pressed and mouse buttons clicked in DOS boxes, Java applications and chat-rooms, PC emulators, instant messaging software, etc. Not a single letter can be omitted by Powered Keylogger, all system keys and combinations will be recorded including PrintScreen, Functional keys (F1 - F12), CTRL+C/CTRL+V, CTRL+ALT+DEL and other important combinations will appear in the log exactly when and where they were typed.

Expedient tool for remote management

You need to install Powered Keylogger only once. Leave all the default settings and forget about additional problems with tuning and adjusting the software. The Keylogger will record keyboard activity automatically and will be accessible via your secret word 24 hours a day or any time you need it. You can also specify an e-mail address to send the logs to, in this way you don't need to view the logs exactly on the PC being monitored; they will be deciphered and automatically delivered to your mailbox.

Incomparable Hot feature:
Powered Keylogger is undetectable by a list of Firewalls, Anti-spyware/Anti-keyloggers, Antivirus software!
Check User Manual (Help file) for details.

Superior solid and stealth performance that is unmatched by other software of this kind!

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Download full-featured version of Powered Keylogger now and get the most trusted and reliable security surveillance software on the net!

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Eltima Network News:

6th September 2007
Advanced Keylogger gets a new life thanks to Eltima developers` efforts. Having updated and upgraded this tool, we have brought much to it, from global interface changes [read more]

1st August 2007
An independent research project has conducted a test of the most popular keyloggers, available on the Net. Powered Keylogger has taken the 1st place! [read more]

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Powered Keylogger

Ruud Arts from Netherlands
(posted 22.05.2006)
I have tried a lot of keylogger programs, but in my opinion Powered Keylogger is the best and, more important, the most user friendly.

Aaron J. Spurlock from USA
(posted 3.01.2006)
It works great! Now that I actually have it working your software is amazing! I tried scanning for it with 3 different spy-ware detectors. No-Adware 3.0, Spy-Bot Search and Destroy (the latest) and... [read more]

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